HyperQ DevBlog#1

I’ve had posted on indie games fb group about my game – Tesseract.

… And 15 mins later I’ve a message type: Hey! Yo! I made game TesserAct 4 years ago. You must change title of your game…
I’ve new name for my baby HyperQ, but I’ve got another one… Hard choice…

Final Title TBA.

Prisoner Z1127 - Early version - below.

After nearly 3 months programming – The Code every day is better, but people see graphics only… and bugs. Code is very very long thousands line of code. Few bugs still exists and must wait for a while.


Btw responsive GUI is done.
Graphic designer – it is your turn!

I said that and transform from programmer to graphic designer (like a pokemon ;).

I’m multi-talented I told you… or don't ;)

Characters are available in higher resolution(above old pixelArt, below new HiRes PixelArt).