-You are Indie Game Developer!
-Think about marketing.
+Marke… What?
-Have you FanPage on fb?
-And a DevBlog?
+Not yet.
-You should start blogging. You need DevBlog!
+I don’t know nothing about blogging. What should be there?
-Articles about Your Game Development progress.

… Aaaand this way I started DevBlog…


What is Tesseract?

Scientyfically it is same thing what is HyperCube. There is only one difference... name.
Basically Square exist in 2D space, Cube in 3D, whereas in 4D space exists Tesseract.

//Why its moving?

That what we see that is not Tesseract. We are 3d beings and Tesseract is 4d. That is problem. For Example we can draw cube on paper (2d space), but it is only representation of real structure. On paper we lose 1 dimension – depth. Cube from Top-Down View is square, but we know how draw i.e. Isometric View where we can draw representation of 3rd dimension only. That same is with Tesseract. That what we see it is 3d projection of 4d object only. Again we lose One Dimension.


What about game?

You mean a game. Tesseract is 2D Top Down View Shooter with Rougelike elements.
About story I can tell only that what is your purpose – Survive. Only the strongest can survive inside Tesseract.
That game features hard difficulty, few realistic mechanics, permanent death and no save games. You only live once. Heavy wounded you are moving slower, same as your opponents. You think: “Ha! I use MedKit or wait and I can cure myself” Yes, there are Medkits, but that’s not common like other games - here is very rarely. You can use MedKit but it revives some HP caused small wounds. You cannot cure a broken leg with First Aid Kit. [laugh]

HP regeneration? Forget about that.

Don’t forget about ammo that’s very limited. If you want survive save ammo and use when you haven’t other choice.

Tesseract will not forgive mistakes.


Cause that is first record that is just Introduction. In next article I post more info and screenshots.

So… End of DevBlog # … 0.
Why 0? Why not 1?
Programmes starting counting from 0. That’s Why. 


ToxicBeast is back!

I’ve had posted on indie games fb group about my game – Tesseract.

… And 15 mins later I’ve a message type: Hey! Yo! I made game TesserAct 4 years ago. You must change title of your game…
I’ve new name for my baby HyperQ, but I’ve got another one… Hard choice…

Final Title TBA.

Prisoner Z1127 - Early version - below.

After nearly 3 months programming – The Code every day is better, but people see graphics only… and bugs. Code is very very long thousands line of code. Few bugs still exists and must wait for a while.


Btw responsive GUI is done.
Graphic designer – it is your turn!

I said that and transform from programmer to graphic designer (like a pokemon ;).

I’m multi-talented I told you… or don't ;)

Characters are available in higher resolution(above old pixelArt, below new HiRes PixelArt).